Expert in Dutch employment law 

Dutch Legal Experts is a Dutch legal office in the field of Dutch employment law. Dutch employment law and regulations are known as complex. Dutch Legal Experts is ready to guide you in this in the way that fits at each moment. Of course you can also contact Dutch Legal Experts for less complex issues or customized workshops if you want to increase your knowledge.

Dutch Legal Experts is characterized by: 

  • many years of experience in advising employers (management level and HR)
  • involved, proactive and pragmatic
  • advice in clear, understandable language and "to the point"
  • clear rate agreements
  • short lead times


  • Drawing up / review of employment contracts
  • Advising and negotiating on dismissal issues
  • Drawing up / review of termination agreements and guidance during their conclusion
  • Advising on transition compensations and severance payments
  • Advising on reorganization
  • Advice on incapacity for work
  • Advising on dysfunction
  • CAO and fund research
  • Advice on Works Council issues (Dutch Legal Experts also acts as an advisor to the Works Council)
  • Litigation at the subdistrict court / UWV


  • Drawing up / review of personnel manuals
  • Drawing up / review company regulations, eg car policy or sick leave policy
  • Advice on “Arbo”legislation (rules for employers and employees to promote the health, safety and well-being of employees)
  • CLA (Collective Labour Agreement) issues
  • Classification of employees in job groups and salary scales


    • Basic training Dutch employment law
    • Workshop Incapacity for work and reintegration 
    • Workshop File structure and HR policy (dysfunction)
    • Workshop Flexible employment relations
    • Up-to-date sessions

    Dutch Legal Experts is also able to provide customized trainings.

    The trainings and workshops will be provided "in house" or by Dutch Legal Experts on another location, if that suits you better.

    More information about our services? Please contact us.