Quick HR Scan


Quick HR Scan

Are the HR documents within your organization up-to-date and do they comply with all current Dutch employment (and HR) laws and regulations?

The Dutch employment law is constantly changing. Unfortunately, we often see seriously outdated documents. This can lead to unpleasant (legal) problems.

The Quick HR Scan is the ideal solution to prevent that HR documents within your organization not comply with current Dutch laws and regulations.

How does the Quick HR Scan work?

The Quick HR Scan in 4 steps:

  • Order this service via this webshop.
  • Within 24 hours (on working days) you will receive an e-mail with a request to send the documents you want to be scanned.
  • After receiving the documents the HR Quick Scan will be performed and you will receive a report (maximum 2 A4 pages) containing an overview of the points that are going well, the aspects that have to be tackled in (long or short) term and aspects that you need to tackle immediately.

What does the HR Quick Scan cost?

Nothing! The HR Quick Scan is a free service provided bij Dutch Legal Experts.