Check termination agreement


Check termination agreement

Have you received a termination agreement (also called a settlement agreement) from your employer and do you want to have the content of this agreement legally checked?

Dutch Legal Experts can help you assess whether the offered termination agreement meets all legal standards and whether dismissal is justified.

If possible and desired, Dutch Legal Experts can enter into negotiations with your employer for the best possible negotiation result.

The costs for legal assistance are often reimbursed by the employer in the context of a termination agreement. If an offer is missing, Dutch Legal Experts will include this in the negotiation. It may therefore be that the legal costs are reimbursed by your employer.


Order the "Check termination agreement" via the webshop. You will receive an email with the request to send the settlement agreement with a brief explanation of the reason for the dismissal to:

You will be called to discuss the discussion within 24 hours (on working days).

Dutch Legal Experts will then check the termination agreement and - if necessary and / or desired - enter into negotiations with your employer.


After the check, you will know whether your dismissal is justified and whether the settlement agreement meets all legal standards whereby the rights to benefits are safeguarded as much as possible.