HR Manual / Handbook


A HR Manual is a supplement to the agreements in an individual employment contract and any applicable collective labour agreement.

A HR Manual is useful for establishing (secondary) employment conditions or rules of conduct that apply to everyone within the organization. For example, agreements on reporting sick, rules relating to overtime, vacation and leave, but also rules surrounding the use of social media.

A HR Manual gives employees a clear document with all the agreements made, internal rules and guidelines within the company. In this way, everyone knows where they stand and you limit unpleasant discussions. In addition to clarity and structure, a HR Manual has other advantages:

  • Legal coverage: Because agreements are clearly communicated, you are much better covered legally in case of problems.
  • Limitation of questions: Employees are prepared and have already considered in advance how to proceed in case of illness or leave. This avoids questions for HR/the supervisor/the management.
  • Easier to implement changes: Because the company uses one overview of agreements, it is more clear and easier to implement changes.   

Dutch Legal Experts creates a directly usable HR Manual that is completely in line with the latest employment laws and regulations.